Äthiopien: Infos der Ethiopian Tour Operators Association

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Die „Ethiopian Tour Operators Association“ hat am 21. Januar folgende Erklärung zur Sicherheitslage in Äthiopien abgegeben. Anlass war der Entführungsfall in der Danakil-Ebene.

„Ethiopia Security Updates #1 –  Jan 21, 2012

Ethiopian Tour Operators Association

1.       General Security in the Country:

Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world for visitors. The country has enjoyed many years of peace and tranquility with no serious security incidents on any the  tourist routes.  Particularly since the end of the conflict with Eritrea in 2000, the whole country has remained safe and secure,  though the border with Eritrea remains closed. Conflict in neighbouring Somalia has made travel in  parts of Ethiopia’s Somali Region in the south east of the country inadvisable, however it should be noted that these areas are well outside the normal tourist routes, and no tours are currently being conducted there. Otherwise, the whole rest of the country continues  to be extremely safe, and all the tourist attractions accessible.

2.    Specific Advice about Afar Region:

In the morning of  Tuesday 17 January, 2012, armed gunmen attacked a group of tourists and their Ethiopian escorts and guides, in a remote part of the Afar Region in north eastern Ethiopia, not far from the border with Eritrea, killing five tourists, wounding two others and kidnapping 2 tourists and 2 Ethiopians, taking them across the border into Eritrea.  The tourists had gone to see the volcano at Erta Ale, with its permanent lava lake.   Our association condemns such acts of terrorism, regardless of who carried it out or why. This terrorist act was clearly aimed at spoiling the image of the country, to convince people that the country is unsafe for visitors and investors, and its timing just before the upcoming African Union Summit in Addis Ababa is not a coincidence.  Needless to say, it is potentially very damaging to Ethiopia’s tourism sector, and to the hundreds of thousands of its citizens who are directly and indirectly employed in it.

Immediately after the attack, the Ethiopian Defense Forces were deployed throughout the area, and have asserted full control up the border.  Conditions have now returned to normal, and the tourist flow has resumed, with visitors from many nationalites continuing on their trips both to Erta Ale and to the nearby amazing mineral rmations at Dallol.

3. Other Tourist Attractions:

Other tourist attractions in the whole of the country have been and remain to be very safe and tourists are experiencing the wonders of this unique country.  Thousands of tourists from all over the world enjoyed the colorful Timket Festival peacefully and securely.

There are some reports that some tourist groups are intending to cancel their forthcoming trips to Ethiopia due to security fears.  We clearly would like to point out that what happened at the Erta Ale volcano is a one off incident, in a particular area, remote and largely uninhabited, near the border with Eritrea, from where the attackers came.

Ethiopia, with its many tourist sites located throughout the country, is bigger than France and Spain combined, and this incident should not be seen as having implications for other parts of the country.

As has been stated, there is now very tight security throughout the Afar Region to guard against any further incursions, and throughout the country as a whole, visitors can continue with their tours in safety, and to enjoy the unique Ethiopian cultural hospitality.
For any further details or information, please contact

Ethiopian Tour Operators Association

Tel: +251 115 508444/45
Fax: +251 115 508446
P.O.Box: 27548/1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
E-mail    :   ethiotour@ethionet.et , info@ethiopiantourassociation.com
Website : www.ethiopiantourassociation.com

u1_afrikakatalog_2012_final_rgb1.jpg Reisen nach Äthiopien bietet der Afrika Reiseveranstalter Iwanowskis Reisen an. Das erfahrene Team berät auch über Flüge und hat stets preiswerte Flüge nach Äthiopien im Angebot. Kostenlose Kataloganforderung hier

Viele praktische Reiseinformationen für einen Urlaub in Äthiopien finden sich in dem neuen Reiseführer Äthiopien aus dem Iwanowski Verlag, der im September 2012 erscheint. Ein Versand der Bücher erfolgt innerhalb Deutschlands portofrei.

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